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Cold Solvent Plastic Traffic Marking Paint

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Production Description:

Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint consists of Cold Acrylic resin, colored aggregate, filler material and etc. Solvent road marking paint (white/yellow) is suitable for application to bituminous and concrete roads. It can be successfully applied to airless or air auxiliary spraying equipment.

Technical Specification:

Density 1.62 g/ cm3
Abrasion resistance 20.1 (JM-100 elastic grinding wheel)
Wet film thickness 300 ~ 350um
Solid content 75.6%
viscosity coefficient (25℃T-4) ≥100 seconds
Dry film thickness 300 ~ 350um
Dosage theory of 2.8 square meters/kg
Surface drying time 10min, full dry 45min
Times suggest 1 time
Shelf life one year, over the period, such as the inspection, still can use


Reflection: There are sufficient pellicle-spraying high- quality glass micro –beads with stable reflection.

Reconstruction: There is no need to clean the old road marking paint, the reconstruction is convenient. Construction: The construction is simple, the energy consumption is less.

Cost: The price is low, the equipment is simple, and the comprehensive cost is low.

Adhersion: Good adhesion to asphalt and cement concrete road surface.

Equipment: One machine is enough.(You could choose the hand-push and truck-mounted machine according to the construction.


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