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Reflective Road Marking Paint Glass Beads

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Glass Beads are tiny spheres of glass that used in road marking paint and durable road markings to reflect light back to the driver in darkness or poor weather conditions – improving safety and visibility. The glass beads play a very important role in the road safety.


We can manufacture all standards including BS6088A, BS6088B, AASHTOM247, EN1423, EN1424, Australia AS2009 B3.2, KOREA KS standard and Chinese standard and so on.

British Standard

Type Size (μm) Percentage(%)
BS6088A (intermix) >1180 0~3
1180~850 5~20
850~425 65~95
<425 0~10
BS6088B (Drop on) >850 0~5
850~600 5~20
600~300 30~75
300~180 10~30
<180 0~15

AASHTOM247 Standard

Type Sieve(μm) Percentage (%)
>850 0
850~600 5~25
600~300 40~80
300~150 10~35
<150 0~5
>600 0
600~425 0~10
425~300 15~50
300~180 45~75
<180 0

China Standard JT/T446-2001

Type Size (μm) Percentage (%)
Ⅰ(Intermix) >850 0
850-600 5-30
600-300 30-80
300-106 10-40
<106 0-5
Ⅱ (Drop on) >600 0
600-300 40-90
300-150 5-60
<150 0-5

Cold Paint Glass Beads

Type Size (μm) Percentage (%)
Ⅰ(for cold paint) >212 0
212-90 96-100
<90 0-4


The raw materials of glass beads are divided into heavy metal glass, recycled glass and pure glass.

Heavy Metal Glass: The price is the most economical. The reflective effect is very good. However, the heavy metal of the glass will pollute the environment a little.

Recycled Glass: It is very competitive in price, with the characteristics of good reflection and less damage to the environment, which is widely used in the world.

Pure Glass: It does not have no any pollution to the environment even though the price is the most expensive. The reflection is very good.


a. The glass beads made of the sodalime silica glass has the good chemical stability, certain mechanical intensity and hardness, free of dark spots and other impurities.

b. Does not cause dimensional change to the base material

c. Soda Lime glass does not release toxins (no free silica), will not contaminate or leave residue on work pieces, environmentally friendlier than chemical treatments

d. Leave even, spherical impressions on blasted part surface

e. Low breakdown rate, Lower disposal & maintenance costs

f. Suitable for pressure, suction, wet and dry blasting equipment

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