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Roadsky Glass Beads Traffic Reflectors

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Name Reflector
Glass beads quantity 6,7,10,12,15,19,21,23,24,31,34,35,41,43,45,46,54,69,70,72,76,80,
Panel material ABS, PS, PMMA
Glass beads material Glass
Glass beads color Yellow, red, white and etc.
Panel color Yellow, red, white, black, green and etc.
Visibility 200~800m
Service life 3~5years

Glass Beads Reflectors:

The beads of the reflectors are made of glass, the panel material is ABS. Reflective distance is 500~800m.

1. Round glass beads reflectors:

2. Elliptic glass beads reflectors:

3. Rectangular glass beads reflectors:

4. Trapezoidal glass beads reflectors:

PS/PMMA Plastic Reflectors:

The material of this kind of reflector is PS/PMMA. The reflective distance is 200~300m.

1. Rectangular PS/PMMA plastic reflectors:

2. Trapezoidal PS/PMMA plastic reflectors:

3. Various styles of PS/PMMA plastic reflectors:

Reflective Effect Display:


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