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Truck Mounted Screw Drilling Rig ST Series

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(1) It adopts hydraulic system, adapt to various ground condition, one-time complete in pebbles geology.

(2) Self generating power and external connection power are both suitable

(3) Wide applications to piling work of construction industry, highway, power,construction areas etc.

(4) Power head reducer adopts Tricyclic Reducer which is dedicated in piling machines.

(5) Dual Motor input at the same time, output power 22-30kw, hoist lifting 3 tons, generator power 40-50kw, and the directions is controlled by hydraulic system.

(6) High output torque, fast positioning and piling, high efficiency .



Solar Screw Drilling Rig is specially designed for piling work at wind farm, solar and Photovoltaic (PV) power generation construction and etc.

The piling diameter ranges from 150mm to 800mm while drilling depth from 1 m-15 m. The machine is equipped with 47KW diesel engine, which drives generator and output 40-50 kw power, which will:

(1) drive the power head for rotation and drilling.

(2) drive hoist for working with 7.5-11KW power.

(3) drive the hydraulic system for working.



(1)High efficiency: Advanced craft in rotating drilling, no need to increase the load when drilling deeper, The power head has the characters of stable operation, high torque, high efficiency.

(2)Adapt to various terrain and different geological conditions, meet a variety of construction requirements.

(3)Compact design, flexible operation and quickly moving are convenient for your works. You can choose the Truck-mounted or crawler-mounted models according to your requirements.

(4)You can match with different screw drilling rods according to your requirements, the range of holes' diameter is 150-800mm and the range of holes' depth is 1-15m.

(5) The models are on the basis of excavator technology, facilitate the maintenance of the machine in the future. This rotary drilling rig has low center of gravity, very steady and safe for moving and working.

(6)Low investment with high return. Our rotary rig has the exquisite design, economical price, reliable performance, no need people to clean the soil, save lots of labor, it is the best choice to replace the manual hole digger and big pile drivers in certain ranges.



Models Unit ST1 ST2
Dimension(L*W*H) Mm 7800*1780*3200 5600*2000*2700
Total weight Ton 7.2 6
Wheelbase Mm 2800 2800
Drilling diameter  Mm 150-800 150-800
Drilling depth M 6-14(Retractable) 6-14(Retractable)
Rotation angle ° 300 300
Max. Torque Kn.m 7800 6600
Travelling speed Km/h 50 50
Drilling speed M/min 1.5-3 1.5-3
Gradeability ° 40 40
Swing Speed M/s 10 10
Engine model Four-cylinder WEICHAI4102 WEICHAI4102
Engine power KW 47 47
Generator power KW 40-50 40-50
Hoist power KW 7.5-11 7.5-11
Hoist lifting Ton 2-3 2-3
Power head KW 22 22
Power Head Speed Rpm 40 40
Rotary motor power  KW 1.5 1.5
Tire specifications / 750/16 750/16
Direction / hydraulic booster hydraulic booster
Fuel consumption L/h 7 7
Road condition / clay/gravel road/hard road
Features / move forward and backward,rotate left and right,Self generating power and external connection of power


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