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High Pressure Water Road Marking Paint Removal Machine

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  1. The equipment main machine adopts foreign advanced high-pressure pump manufacturing technology, which is the most advanced equipment with upgrade and new design in domestic.
  2. The main machinehas stable running performance and low noise. The performance of high-pressure pump components is good and durable, and the sealing components have long continuous working time.
  3. The equipment is with simple operation, high level of automation, and perfect cooling system design.
  4. The design of the line cleaning actuator is unique and fine manufacturing, the performance is excellent, and the comprehensive performance exceeds the foreign products of the same type. The cost is only 1/5 of the foreign products.
  5. According to the width of the marking line to be removed or the need of cleaning object, the actuator can be arbitrarily adjusted to achieve excellent removing effect and optimal work efficiency.
  6. The equipment cleaning accessories are fully equipped to meet the cleaning and working requirements under various conditions. It is a multifunctional and comprehensive maintenance cleaning equipment.

It can be custom produced according to customers’ needs, fully meet the customer’s working environment requirement.


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