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Rubber and Plastic Road Lane Separator

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Lane separator is designed for traffic control of highway, crossroad, toll station, etc. Roadsky Traffic Safety can manufacture road divider in different materials such as plastic and rubber. Different colors are availablesuch as red, white, red and yellow. For high visible effect, reflective film can also be added  to the flag.


Plastic and EVA Road Divider for Roadway


lane separator


Lane Divider with Rubber Base and Plastic Flag for Highway Usage


lane separator


Model Height
Base Size
Panel Width
DPR-110A 110 50*50 22-32 13 PE+ Rubber
DPR-132 132 80*40 29 22.5 PE+ Rubber
DPR-110B 110 67*40*8 22 16 PP+ Rubber
DPRC 75-91 35*32*10 75*15 5.8 Rubber
DPR-115A 115 67*40*6 25 16 PP+ Rubber
DPR-115B 115 80*40 25 22 PP+ Rubber
DPR-115C 115 54*47 25 14 PVC+ Rubber
DPR-77 77*21*14 10 Rubber



road separator for bicycle street

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